UPDATE: Persuasive and Misleading Ballot Summary Language on Proposal 6005 


Proposal 13 has been grouped with Proposal 26, Proposal 9, and Proposal 103 by the CRC Style & Drafting Committee to create Proposal 6005, State and Local Government Structure and Operation. Proposal 26 creates an Office of Domestic Security and Counter-terrorism within the state's law enforcement agency. Proposal 9 makes the Department of Veteran’s Affairs a constitutionally required state agency. Proposal 103 would automatically move the start of the legislative session in even-numbered years to January.


On Wednesday, April 4, FAC sent a letter to the CRC Style and Drafting Committee regarding the ballot language on Proposal 6005. FAC found the ballot summary for Proposal 6005 to be VERY misleading for voters. To view a copy of the letter FAC sent, click here.


After the Style & Drafting Committee agrees on changes and organization of proposals, the Committee recommends a report back to the full Commission. There, the full Commission considers the report of the Style & Drafting Committee and the report must either be approved by 22 out of the 37 members of the full Commission or it is sent back to the Style & Drafting Committee.



Proposal 13 Eliminates a Constitutional Right of Local Citizens

Even though the legislature has gone home, the appointed members of Florida’s Constitutional Revision Commission are debating and voting on proposed amendments. After two failed attempts in the Florida legislature, one of the fundamental provisions of the 1968 homerule Constitution is under assault again.  


Proposal 13 would eliminate the constitutional right of local citizens to govern their sheriff, tax collector, property appraiser, supervisor of elections, and the management of county finances.


Voters of charter counties are constitutionally empowered to determine whether or not the clerk of court should serve as the county finance officer; whether the tax collector, supervisor of elections, sheriff, and property appraiser should be elected; and whether the responsibilities of these officers to their local citizens should be determined by the voters through their county charter.


Even if your county is not a charter county or has not changed the role of any of the officers, the constitutional ability of local voters to hold their county officers accountable remains important to ensure that these officials prioritize the needs of the community at-large and not just their office’s agenda.


The ability of local voters to decide the best form of government for their communities is the foundation of homerule. Proposal 13 erodes that foundation focusing instead on political power grabs rather than respecting the discussion and decisions making authority of the citizens.


Proposal 13 was moved forward yesterday and will be considered in the Style & Drafting Committee at an upcoming meeting. After that, the proposal will be considered by the full CRC and will need the approval of 22 commissioners to be placed on the ballot in November.


Click here to view the proposal.


CALL or E-MAIL CRC Members and ask them to vote NO on Proposal 13!



For additional information, please feel free to contact Laura Youmans via email at lyoumans@fl-counties.com.





How Florida voters may be asked to decide changes to Miami-Dade government

Voters across Florida would be asked to decide if Miami-Dade County should have an elected sheriff. Greyhound racing would be banned statewide. And the lieutenant governor would have to head a state agency.