HB 1103/SB 1646 (Albritton/Montford): Regional Rural Development Grants – An item in FAC’s Action Plan, these bills would have increased the amount each Rural Area of Opportunity may receive in state dollars to $250,000 and decreases the local match to 25 percent of the state contribution.


The bills also would have removed a requirement that grants from the Rural Infrastructure Fund be limited to 40% of the total cost of catalyst site projects and increased the maximum amount that DEO could award for non-catalyst site projects from 30 percent to 50 percent of the cost of the project. 

The bills were amended to require that use of grant funds to expand broadband be available only for telecommunications providers that are registered providers of communications services with the state Department of Revenue and to add the SITES program under the auspices of DEO.


The bills were reported favorably at all committee stops in both chambers and on the Senate floor but, without time for its final reading, died on the House floor. 

SB 1606 (Taddeo): Film and Television Production (Taddeo) – This bill would have created the Florida Motion Picture Capital Corporation to encourage development of scripted productions in the State. The bill passed favorably through it first Senate committee stop, but did not receive any other hearing.