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Join county commissioners from around the state on September 27 and 28th for the groundbreaking new format of FAC’s Policy Development Conference.  This year's conference will be held in Osceola County at the Embassy Suites on Kyngs Heath Road.


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FAC has secured a block of rooms at the Embassy Suites Orlando Lake Buena Vista South (4955 Kyngs Heath Rd., Kissimmee, FL 34746). The group rate is $129/night. The host hotel room - block is sold out.

Below is a list of hotels in the area.

Hampton Inn Lake Buena Vista South

4971 Calypso Cay Way, Kissimmee, FL 34746

(407) 396-8700 or visit their website to check availability.

SpringHill Suites Orlando Kissimmee

4991 Calypso Cay Way, Kissimmee, FL 34746

(407) 997-1300 or visit their website to check availability







The 1968 Constitution was drafted in the midst of cultural upheaval in Florida and the country.  The Constitutional Review Commission met on the heels of a decades long redistricting struggle, during the fight for civil rights, and at a time when Florida’s governing structure was starting to strain under its burgeoning population.  This panel will discuss the historical context of Florida’s home rule experiment and how concepts of self-governance are relevant in today’s political environment.  Click here to view the home rule infographic.



Counties exist to provide services and create their community’s well being and there is no doubt that robust public infrastructure, reliable services, and a high quality of life are the foundation of a strong local economy; But what happens when businesses start to view local government actions as overly burdensome on their economic freedom? Can local regulations be counterproductive to economic development?  This panel will include industry leaders to discuss the challenges that some local regulations place on business growth and local leaders whose economies have continued to flourish.  Click here for the preemption infographic.



Technology continues its forward march, but are Florida’s regulatory and tax structures keeping pace?  A panel of industry experts will address the challenges of creating tomorrow’s infrastructure today.  These new technologies are forcing local governments across the county to innovate or risk these services bypassing their communities.  County leaders will have to revision road planning, land use regulations, and revenue structures to make sure that their communities are prepared.



Today, public/private partnerships (P3) are used for a wide range of applications. This workshop explores the use of P3’s as a delivery mechanism to meet the social services needs of Floridians.  Experts in fields such as homelessness, mental health, elder affairs and affordable housing, discuss how we can better coordinate resources through various community partners. This workshop kickstarts the conversation with “outside the box” strategic thinking on one of the most important issues that counties tackle.  Click here for the P3 infographic.



When major situations threaten the safety of the public, all hands are on deck ready to assist. First responders have a critical need for communication. So how do police officials talk to firefighters in the wake of a power outage during a storm? With advanced technology, statewide emergency officials are realizing more efficient ways to serve its citizens and visitors in emergency situations. This workshop explores advanced services that protect our counties by providing more information to first responders.   Click here for the emergency communications infographic



As one of the fastest growing states in the country, Florida continues to attract new residents, visitors, and businesses to the state.  While this rapid growth boosts the economy, it also poses new challenges to policymakers who must balance increased development with maintaining livable communities, preserving limited resources for future generations, and protecting agricultural and environmentally sensitive lands.  Learn from experts about what local governments can do now to promote sustainable growth into the future. Click here for the smarter growth infographic.


On Thursday, Commissioners and county staff will take the education from the previous debate and use it to discuss, debate and vote on FAC's policy positions for the 2018 Legislative Session. Business meetings include:


  • CRC task force (Members only)
  • Federal Committee
  • Rural Caucus
  • Urban Caucus
  • Finance, Tax & Administration Committee
  • Health & Safety Committee
  • Growth, Agriculture, Transportation & Environment Committee


Prior to FAC's Policy Meetings, members are encouraged to share their policy opinions and submit them for consideration in the policy development process.







9:00 am - 12:00pm

On Friday morning, all Policy Development Conference attendees are welcome to participate in a three hour workshop focused on the differences between the 20 charter counties and the 47 non-charter counties in the state of Florida.


Our presenter is Kurt Spitzer, a local government expert and former FAC Executive Director. Mr. Spitzer serves as the President of Kurt Spitzer and Associates (KSA), a governmental consulting firm specializing in services for local governments. During this workshop, Mr. Spitzer will focus on the elements of a charter, the charter process, and the challenges of implementing a charter.


Attendees that participate in the County Commissioner Certification (CCC) and County Government Education (CGE) programs will receive 3 hours of elective credits for attending this workshop in its entirety.


The Policy Development Conference will provide the opportunity to earn up to 4.5 hours of County Commissioner Certification (CCC) and County Government Education (CGE) program credits. By simply registering and attending the conference, you will receive 1.5 Continuing Education Credits. To earn an additional 3 Elective Credits, stay on Friday morning to attend the Understanding Charter Government Workshop in its entirety. This workshop is a part of the conference, no additional registration fee is required.


8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Board members will meet to discuss the future strategies of the Association in an effort to advance the mission to preserve and strengthen home rule.




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