Florida Association of Counties

FY 2014-2015 Property Tax Report


The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) has recently completed a compilation/summary of proposed tentative property tax rates and related information for FY 2014-15. FAC is providing this information as a service to its membership to allow for the use of comparative data during the annual county budget development and decision making process. Information contained within the Compilation/Summary was derived from standardized tax forms (Form DR-420) dictated for use by the Department of Revenue as a part of the statutorily mandated “Truth in Millage (TRIM) process. The data from these forms are tentative and final data will be certified by the Department of Revenue after the completion of the county budget process as dictated by the Florida Statutes.



  • Taxable Values
    • Growth in statewide taxable values for counties in aggregate (when compared to 2013 values) was positive. Summary data projects that values are up an estimated 6.7% or roughly about $87 Billion.
  • Proposed Tentative Property Tax Levies
    • Summary data reveals that total Fiscal Year 2014-15 county revenues derived from property taxes are projected to be 6.33% more than revenue generated in Fiscal Year 2013-14. This percentage represents approximately $561.5 Million.
    • Individually, 9 of Florida’s counties are projecting some amount of decrease in revenues when compared to the previous year. The other remaining 58 counties are anticipating some level of positive growth.
  • Proposed Tentative Property Tax Rates
    • For FY 2014-15, summary data illustrates that 7 of Florida’s counties are proposing to reduce taxes when compared to FY 2013-14.
    • 6 counties have proposed rates that equal their Rolled-Back Rate for FY 2014-15.
    • 54 counties have proposed tentative rates that would be considered a tax increase; however these counties may still reduce their proposed tentative rates during the month of September as a part of actions taken during the statutorily proscribed budget public hearings.

For more information regarding research and data provided by the association please contact our Legislative Analyst, Orlando Garcia



Statewide Data Highlights

The data displays statewide aggregate comparative data between 2013 (FY 2013-2014) and tentative 2014 (FY 2014-2015).


County By County Data

The data displays the following elements and their respective dollar and percent change by county in alphabetical order:

  • 2013 Taxable Value
  • 2014 Taxable Value
  • FY 2013-14 Taxes Levied
  • FY 2014-15 Taxes Levied
  • FY 2013-14 Aggregate Millage Rate
  • FY 2014-15 Aggregate Rolled-Back Rate

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