Florida Association of Counties

Enterprise Zones Survey


The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) recently completed an Enterprise Zones survey, based on questions originally submitted by the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) to the association for its consideration, and received responses from nearly 30 of our 67 member counties. The Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR) and OPPAGA have been directed to perform studies designed to further evaluate the effectiveness and efficiencies of current enterprise zones which are set to sunset in 2015 if they are not reauthorized by the Florida Legislature.


For more information regarding research and data provided by the association please contact our Legislative Analyst, Orlando Garcia



The survey asked recipients the following questions:

  1. Please describe your understanding of the intent of the state’s Enterprise Zone Program.
  2. What are the advantages to businesses that participate in your county’s Enterprise Zone Program
    • Disadvantages?
    • How could these disadvantages be overcome?
  3. How important is the Enterprise Zone Program to your local businesses with regard to location decisions?
    • If all other factors (e.g., availability of facilities, skilled workforce, labor costs, etc.) were equal, would they choose a location in an Enterprise Zone over another location?
  4. From your county’s perspective, how has the program affected the following conditions in the designated zones/area?
    • Crime rates
    • Property values
    • Local infrastructure (e.g., streets, sidewalks, utilities, etc.)
    • Appearance of businesses and residences
    • Other
  5. If the Enterprise Zone Program sunsets as scheduled in December 2015, how would it impact your county?
  6. Do you have any additional comments about the Enterprise Zone Program?


The following information is provided as a summation of our individual member counties’ responses. We have also provided each individual response from our member counties along with contact information for each county.

Survey Responses Summary

County by County Responses