Florida Association of Counties

FY 2010 thru FY 2014 Historical Data on Article V Expenditures


The Florida Association of Counties has recently completed a compilation/summary of Article V Expenditures and related information from FY 2009-2010 to FY 2013-2014. Expenditures do not include Capital (Infrastructure) spending because these are not included in the 1.5% annual mandatory expenditures increase per F.S. 29.008. FAC is providing this information as a service to its membership to allow for the use of comparative data when reviewing their Article V Expenditures. Information contained within the Compilation/Summary was obtained from the Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Division of Accounting and Auditing. Population data was obtained from the Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR). Judicial Circuit Composition was obtained from the Florida Courts’ website.



  • Growth in Article V Expenditures for Counties in aggregate (Five year percentage change) is positive. Summary data projects that expenditures are up an estimated 4.94% or roughly about $24 Million. For FY 2013-2014, Article V expenditures were approximately $524 million or 6.04% more than FY 2012-2013.
  • During the five year period, counties are spending on average $37 Million in Article V Expenditures. Additionally, counties are spending on average $25.24 per capita.
  • During the five year period, Judicial Circuits are spending on average $26 Million in Article V Expenditures.


For more information regarding research and data provided by the association please contact our Legislative Analyst, Orlando Garcia



Summary Data

The data displays the following elements by county in alphabetical order:

  • FY 2010 thru 2014 Article V expenditures by County & Judicial Circuit;
  • FY 2010 thru 2014 Article V per capita expenditures by County;
  • Percentage Change from year to year including five year change