Florida Association of Counties

2015 FAC County Administrator Salary Survey


The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) recently completed its 2015 County Administrator/Manager/Coordinator salary survey, and received responses from nearly 57 of our 67 member counties. FAC is providing this information as a service to its membership to allow for the use of comparative data during the annual county budget development and decision making process. Population data was obtained from the Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR).

Role of a County Administrator in Florida

The county administrator is responsible for administration of all departments within county government that are responsible to the board of county commissioners and for the proper administration of all affairs under the jurisdiction of the board. Unless otherwise indicated by charter provision, the county administratior is hired, fired, and paid in accordance with action by the board of county commissioners. The administrator can, among others, have the following powers and duties:

  • Administer and carry out directives and policies of the board.
  • Enforce all orders, resolutions, ordinances and regulations of the board.
  • Provide advice and recommendations on county government operations to the board.
  • Develop, install and maintain centralizing budgeting, personnel, legal and purchasing procedures.
  • Organize the work of county department.
  • Negotiate leases, contracts, other agreements for the county, subject to approval by the board.



  • Lafayette nor Liberty County have a County Administrator.
  • Average County Administrator salary statewide is $135,158.
  • For Fiscally Constrained the average salary is $90,902
  • Median County Administrator salary statewide is $122,315.
  • The maximum a County Administrator is paid is $304,674 and the minimum is $52,270.


For more information regarding research and data provided by the association please contact our Legislative Analyst, Orlando Garcia



Summary Data

The data displays the following elements by county in alphabetical order:

  • Current County Administrator Salary;
  • County Population adjusted for Revenue Sharing (Total Population-Inmates)