Originally, HB 883 by Rep. Ingoglia was a four-page bill dealing with establishment of community development districts. In its final committee, a nearly 200-page amendment was added, which substantially expanded the scope of the proposal. Specifically, the amendment added language requiring local urban or rural development boundaries established by initiative or referendum to be reauthorized by voters every 10 years. The bill also added controversial language regarding Community Development Agencies (CRAs), including a provision stating that new CRAs could only be established by Special Act of the Legislature.

On third reading on the House floor, the bill was further amended to prohibit parcels from being classified as rural land if they are located within three miles of any state university main campus. Such parcels would be deemed to be within an urban service area or within an urban development boundary, despite existing local land use designations.

FAC strongly opposed the land use planning restrictions, and the bill ultimately stalled and died in the Senate.