Florida is no stranger to dealing with disasters situations and with hurricane season starting on June 1, being prepared can be a matter of life or death. As counties, cities, and the state prepare their communities in anticipation of an active hurricane season, FAC would like to provide you with some useful resources as well as phone numbers that you may need. 
In the event that a hurricane does make landfall in Florida, FAC is in direct contact with various state agencies as well as FAC Corporate Partners to help provide the most up to date information on response and services available to Florida's communities. Regular emails will be sent out to commissioners and county staff as well as an additional resource webpage will be created specific to that hurricane.


Prior to landfall, please ensure your pre-disaster contracts are compliant with 2 CFR 200 and the FEMA PAPPG. The Division and FEMA have made several references available concerning contracting, procurements, and pricing to help you make sure your contracts are in accordance with federal law. Failure to do so may jeopardize your reimbursement. 
FDEM has provided several references produced by either the Division or FEMA concerning debris removal. The information includes guidelines regarding general debris removal eligibility requirements, private property debris removal, and impacts to environmental and historic preservation assets. Failure to follow guidelines may jeopardize your reimbursement.  
Below is FEMA guidance and information regarding individual disaster programming and fraud precautions.
Florida Division of Emergency Management
  • County Contact InformationClick here
  • Phone (Tallahassee): 850-815-4000
  • Updates (Twitter): @FLSERT
FEMA Region IV