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FAC in partnership with NACo-FSC is endorsing eConnectDirect® as an essential solution for members to manage their fixed-income investment needs. This proprietary tool, developed by Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. (MBS), gives county treasurers visibility to thousands of fixed-income offerings in a market with little transparency. It arms investors with the necessary tools and confidence to select and transact within the fixed-income marketplace. While eConnectDirect® allows customers to be self-sufficient, the service also allows them to work with licensed MBS account executive in a dynamic way—working side-by-side with clients on fixed-income investment decisions they wish to make or to answer any questions clients have.

eConnectDirect® offers access to the following investment products:

  • U.S. agencies

  • Treasuries

  • Certificates of deposit

  • Municipal bonds

  • Corporate bonds

  • New issue and secondary bonds


Additional features of the platform include:

  • Quick & Easy search and filter tools allow for effortless navigation across multiple fixed income markets

  • One-step market view via maturity ladder

  • Request A Quote – allows for bid/offer requests for any fixed income product with a CUSIP

  • Maturity alerts along with other customizable notifications

  • Certificate of deposit insurance scrub

  • Consolidated position management tools and reports

  • Third-Party Research (Certificates of Deposit, Corporate, Municipal Bonds)

  • Access to historical financial data for Banks & Credit Unions

  • Customer support by a licensed securities representative

  • Free safekeeping/custodial solution – with streamlined online account access


Click here for an eConnectDirect® video demo

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