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About the Gulf Consortium

The Gulf Consortium is a public entity created in October 2012 by Inter-local Agreement among Florida's 23 Gulf Coast counties, from Escambia County in the western panhandle of Florida to Monroe County on the southern tip of Florida and the United States.

Florida’s 23 Gulf Coast Counties formed the Consortium to meet requirements of the RESTORE Act to develop a State Expenditure Plan for economic and environmental recovery of the Gulf coast in Florida following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  The RESTORE Act was passed by the Congress on June 29, 2012 and signed into law on July 6, 2012 by the President.

The Consortium Board of Directors consists of one representative from each county government.  As a public entity, the Consortium must meet all government transparency requirements in Florida, including open public records and meetings, ethics and state auditing obligations.  Since its inception, the Consortium has met seven times and held several committee meetings to begin developing Florida’s State Expenditure Plan.

To avoid duplication and to effectively utilize available resources, Florida’s local governments are working in partnership with the State of Florida to fully recover the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  To foster the development of the State Expenditure Plan, enhance coordination and to also ensure consistency with the goals and objectives of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council’s Draft Initial Comprehensive Plan: Restoring the Gulf Coast’s Ecosystem and Economy, the Consortium has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Florida Governor Rick Scott. 




The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council has awarded the Gulf Consortium $4.6 million towards the development of Florida's State Expenditure Plan.  Established in 2012 as a part of the RESTORE Act, Congress charged the Gulf Consortium with developing a state expenditure plan for Florida to implement economic and environmental restoration projects needed as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010.  To read the press release in its entirety, please click here.




The Gulf Consortium consultants have prepared this initial project nomination request which is simply the first step in the development of the State Expenditure Plan, and the requested information will only be used to:

• Determine where each county stands in its respective project nomination process and where additional consultant assistance may be needed;

• Develop an initial inventory of the types of projects, programs and activities nominated by the counties;

• Develop an initial assessment of the individual and aggregate cost of the nominated projects, programs, and activities; and

• Identify potential gaps in project types/coverage, and opportunities for collaboration.

It should be noted that the information provided by each county in response to this request will not confer any advantage or disadvantage whatsoever with regard to the overall State Expenditure Plan development process or future project funding levels. 

You can access the project nomination form by clicking here.


Memorandum dated July 25, 2016
SEP Project Nomination Form
Restoration Council State Expenditure Plan Guidelines


Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact:


SEP Project Manager

Doug Robison
Environmental Science Associates (ESA)
4200 West Cypress Street, Suite 450
Tampa, Florida  33607


Upcoming Meetings

Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, September 9, 2016
4:00 pm, ET
Dial-In Number:  1-888-670-3525
Participant Code:  998 449 5298#


Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
3:00 pm, ET
Hutchinson Island Marriott, Martin County
In conjunction with the 2016 FAC Policy Conference


Board Meeting
Friday, December 2, 2016
10:00 am, ET
Buena Vista Palace, Orange County
In conjunction with 2016 FAC Legislative Conference


Please note that as work is completed, additional meetings may be necessary. 




Gulf Consortium Directors and Alternates

Bay County

Commissioner Guy Tunnell, Director
Commissioner George Gainer, Alternate

Charlotte County

Commissioner Christopher Constance, Director
Commissioner Tricia Duffy, Alternate

Citrus County

Commissioner Scott Adams, Director
Ken Cheek, Water Resources Director, Alternate

Collier County

Commissioner Tom Henning, Director
Commissioner Donna Fiala, Alternate
Gary McAlpin, 2nd Alternate

Dixie County

Tim Alexander, Director of Emergency Management, Director
Administrator Mike Cassidy, Alternate

Escambia County

Commissioner Grover Robinson, Director
Commissioner Doug Underhill, Alternate

Franklin County

Commissioner Cheryl Saunders, Director
County Administrator Alan Pierce, Alternate

Gulf County

Commissioner Warren Yeager, Director
County Administrator Donald Butler, Alternate

Hernando County

Commissioner Wayne Dukes, Director
Administrator Len Sossamon, Alternate

Hillsborough County

Commissioner Les Miller, Director
Commissioner Ken Hagan, Alternate

Jefferson County

Commissioner Betsy Barfield, Director
County Coordinator Parrish Barwick, Alternate

Lee County

Commissioner John Manning, Director
Commissioner Larry Kiker, Alternate
Kurt Harclerode, 2nd Alternate

Levy County

Commissioner John Meeks, Director
Tisha Whitehurst, Restore/Grants Coordinator, Alternate

Manatee County

Commissioner Carol Whitmore, Director
Charlie Hunsicker, Natural Resources Department, Alternate

Monroe County

Commissioner George Neugent, Director
Commissioner David Rice, Alternate

Okaloosa County

Commissioner Carolyn Ketchel, Director
Commissioner Kelly Windes, Alternate 

Pasco County

Commissioner Jack Mariano, Director
Commissioner Mike Wells, Alternate


Pinellas County
Commissioner John Morroni, Director
Coastal Manager Andy Squires, Alternate

Santa Rosa County

Commissioner Rob Williamson, Director 
Commissioner Lane Lynchard, Alternate

Sarasota County

Commissioner Charles Hines, Director
Laird Wreford Natural Resources Manager, Alternate

Taylor County

Commissioner Jim Moody, Director
County Administrator, Dustin Hinkel, Alternate

Wakulla County

County Administrator David Edwards, Director
Commissioner Ralph Thomas, Alternate

Walton County

Commissioner Sara Comander, Director
Commissioner Cindy Meadows, Alternate

Governor's Appointees

Pam Anderson, Panama City
Peter Bos, Destin
Lino Maldonado, Niceville
Collier Merrill, Pensacola
Mike Sole, Tallahassee
Neal Wade, Panama City

Archived Gulf Consortium Meeting Agendas and Materials


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